Security Mutual Offers Competitive Table Shaving Program

Security Mutual will now offer a Table 2 reduction on all permanent table rated cases. Some restrictions will apply. Click here for full details. ...

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Online Part B now approved in NY

Online application Part B is now approved in New York! This feature is available for all life products and face amounts — and it makes the application process easier and more convenient for your advisors and clients. We’re already ...

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John Hancock expands foreign national capacity, improves Nexus and Underwriting Guidelines

John Hancock announced a series of enhancements in the foreign national segment last week, including improved nexus requirements, a more client friendly application and underwriting process and expanded capacity in key countries. ...

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The newest benefit from John Hancock Vitality

It’s (Amazon) Prime Time! Now, John Hancock Vitality PLUS members can earn a one-year Amazon Prime membership when they achieve Platinum Vitality Status three years in a row. To learn more about this new reward and all other rewa ...

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