New Source of Funds Questionnaire

With the introduction of the DOL Fiduciary rules, MassMutual will now require a signed Source of Funds Questionnaire with all WL, UL and VUL new business applications. The form is required effective immediately.    Download a copy of ...

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Now in NY, AIG Longevity Rider

Lifestyle Income Solution, AIG’s longevity rider was recently approved in NY. Some benefits include:  Turns death benefits into a stream of supplemental income to be used for any purpose At age 85, withdraw up to 10% of death be ...

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The AIG 10-10-10 Plan

What if you could buy permanent life insurance, guaranteed to age 100 with a chronic illness benefit where you can:  Pay premiums for 10 years Wait for 10 years Receive a full return of premium over 10 years as a supplemental retireme ...

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New Term Rates Are Turning Up The Heat

William Penn new rates include both decreases and increases. Price decreases were primarily focused in these areas:  Higher face amounts ($500K or more) Younger lives (Age 57 and below) All underwriting classes Evenly split between ma ...

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