Special Term Conversion Offer – with addition of LTC Services Rider

For a limited time, Axa will be offering eligible insureds the opportunity to allow the addition of the LTCSR on a  single life permanent policy if term policy being converted is within 5 years of the policy register date and is rat ...

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No Permanency Requirement for Qualifying Illnesses

AIG’s chronic illness rider – the Accelerated Access Solution is available on specific IUL and GUL policies and has some exciting updates:  Now available in the state of California Removal of permanency requirement for qua ...

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AIG Launches NY NLG Alongside New Pricing in the Balance of the U.S.

Features Include:  Return of Premium: 50% at year 20 and 100% at year 25 Partial Withdrawal: Gives clients the option to reduce face amounts via partial withdrawal while maintaining death benefit guarantees on the remaining coverage. ...

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Underwriting Guideline Enhancements from Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha just made it easier to obtain the offer you need on your next case. They’ve liberalized their underwriting guidelines as follows: Blood Pressure: Improved ranges for all classes and elimination of differing guidel ...

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