Meet the EIB Team

David Braver – CEO and President

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More than a decade ago, Mr. David Braver recognized the community’s need for a trusted, elite, umbrella insurance brokerage firm. Initially founded as a family business, EIB has since flourished while maintaining its core honesty, integrity and warmth. David’s expertise has earned him the respect of underwriters and enabled him to create a highly reputable business where clients know they will receive the very best insurance coverage for their specific needs. Extensive research is conducted before EIB considers a relationship with any carrier, and more than thirty carriers are currently contracted with EIB. Since the founding of the company, many agents have counted on the wisdom of Mr. David Braver; to help them protect their clients’ assets and families.

Gitty Braver – Controller

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Cheskel Braver – VP and Product Design

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Cheskel’s experience in products and illustrations is immense. He has been enabling our agents to create custom portfolios designed to fully address their clients’ needs. Cheskel has earned a great deal of trust in the industry and is respected by all agents for his extensive knowledge, input and opinion. You can count on Cheskel to run the most complicated and unique illustrations in the field. 

Joel Zicherman – Sales and Illustrations

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Joel maintains constant contact with carriers to understand and evaluate new products and find niches that can benefit our agents. He understands the needs of the agents and their clients and is able to create the perfect product and illustration for each individual case. 

Roisy Deutsch – Commissions and Finance

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David’s daughter has inherited her father’s intelligence and experience in finance.

At EIB we pride ourselves on delivering agent and broker commissions on the very same day they arrive tp our office. Under Roisy’s direction, this complicated task is executed with precision and perfection every time.

Chaya Klein – New Business and Underwriting Manager

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Chaya oversees the new business team to ensure excellent performance. She has comprehensive knowledge in underwriting which allows her to review and evaluate any situation and then relay it to the underwriters for an offer. The agents can count on Chaya for an aggressive offer on their most difficult clients.

In addition, when it comes to licensing and contracting, Chaya is the person. Her efficiency and perfection ensure a timely turnaround and smooth process.

Leah Rubin – New Business Coordinator

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Leah is the rising star of EIB. In her role as a New Business Coordinator, she seamlessly manages her case management duties. Leah has excellent coordination skills and is very diligent in her approach of managing several agent accounts and concerns. 

Rachel Landau – New Business Coordinator

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Rachel is an irreplaceable asset to the EIB team and is an integral part of the intake process. Her quick grasp of concepts can be evidenced by her thorough review, correction, and completion of incoming applications. Upon processing, Rachel conducts any necessary follow up and ensures a quick turn-around, enabling EIB to deliver policies to our agents in a timely manner. Her innate intelligence and sweet manner ensure quality service with a smile. 


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